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We are one of the largest intellectual property specialist firms in India – bringing together the right combination of experts to protect, grow and defend your intellectual property assets...

With Us You Are Always One Step Ahead

We offer High quality, honest and trusted service. We can adapt to your needs.

“With Us You Are, Always One Step Ahead”

We are one of the largest intellectual property specialist firms in India – bringing together the right combination of experts to protect, grow and defend your intellectual property assets locally and globally. And with more than 35 years in the business as a patent and trademark attorney firm it’s what you’d expect!

Ever since our inception in 1981, we have continued to adapt and grow our expertise and approach to deliver solutions that meet the ever-growing needs of our clients. Over the years we have ensured that our clients’ needs remain at the core of what we do and how we deliver our services to them.

We operate under a traditional board and management structure. Our people and our clients benefit from our ability to remain ahead of the curve, reshaping and adapting our business in response to market and industry demands.

Doing business with us is easy. We know that how we work with you is just as important as the advice we provide. In order to achieve the best possible result we match our experts to your needs.

Our Legal Practice Areas


A patent is a right that is granted for any substance, device, method or process that is novel, useful and inventive. It is a grant by the government of...

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Having a trademark becomes essential when you want to distinguish your goods, services (or both) from those of another business. In India, you can get trademark registration for words,...

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Copyright is a type of property right on a person’s creative skill and labor. Copyright protects the form or way an idea or information is expressed, not the idea...

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A design is the overall appearance of a product. The visual features that form the design include the shape, configuration, pattern and ornamentation of the product. It does not...

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The administration of Judicial System in India is three tiers as far as enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights are concern. Not below the District Courts have the jurisdiction to...

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Other Law Services

Advertising & Product Liability Product liability law governs the liability of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and vendors for injury to a person or property caused by dangerous or defective products....

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Indian Government Proposes to Dilute the Disclosure Requirement for Patent Working

In April last year, the Delhi High Court directed the government to complete all steps to make necessary amendments to optimize the patent working provisions. The Government had agreed to publish the amended version of Form 27. These proposed revisions can be found in the recently notified Draft Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2019. Huge Concerns in the […]


Evaluation Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property has always existed since the dawn of time but there were no laws in place for their protection. Intellectual property is intangible asset, be it music, creative writing, arts, discoveries, inventions and development of unique words, symbols and artwork. Intellectual property rights is a generic term that covers copyright, industrial design, trade secrets, […]


Protection of folklores in India and Intellectual Property Rights

India is a land of diversity when it comes to folk and ethnic culture with hundreds of ethnic, linguistic and religious groups with diverse origins and lifestyles that, over time, intermingled in part and remained untouched in parts over centuries. Perception about folklore differs in India, mainly associated with tribals and simple rural people, rather […]