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Trademark Classification

Trademark classification refers to assigning different classes to different types of products, goods and services. For example, Chemicals are classified in Class 1 of trademarks, whereas Pharmaceuticals come under Class 5.

The Trademark classification helps in filing and prosecution of different trademark applications in a smooth and convenient fashion. Similarly, countries all around the world follow a trademark classification process. For an easy and hassle-free international trade and business, countries need to standardize their respective classification of trademarks. The international trademark conventions and treaties help countries to facilitate international registration and protection of trademarks.

The Indian trademark classification list comprises of 45 classes of trademarks and service marks. The classification is divided into two groups- goods and services. Goods are products and services comprise of activities performed for the benefit of others.

There are 34 classes of goods and 11 classes for services. Goods come under classes beginning from 1 to 34 and Services come under class beginning 35 to 45.

There could be a situation where your trademark might fall under more than one type of goods; in that case you can file the application under more than one class. It is known as Multiple-class trademark application.